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Connecting Phoenix IO-Link Multi-Channel Circuit Breaker to Allen Bradley 1734-AENT IO-Link Master

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Noteworthy Components Used

• Phoenix Contact - 2910410 | Electronic device circuit breaker - CBMC E4 24DC/1-4A+IOL

• Allen Bradley – 1734-AENT | 1-Port EtherNet I/O Adapter Module

• Allen Bradley – 1734-4IOL | POINT 4 Channel IO-Link Master Module

• Allen Bradley – 1769-L30ER | CompactLogix 5370 Controller

Software / Files Needed

• Allen Bradley - Studio 5000

• Phoenix Contact - 2910410 Device Description File (IODD)

• Rockwell - BootP DHCP EtherNet/IP Tool 


Note: This guide assumes the PLC has already been configured and that you have an existing project file in Studio 5000

1. Ensure the network adapter settings for the network interface you with to use on your computer are configured to be on the subnet of the PLC

2. Ensure that the PLC, your computer, and the 1734-AENT are all connected to the same network

3. Launch the BootP tool and assign the IP address of the 1734-AENT to one that is available within the subnet, then disable BootP on the device

4. Launch Studio 5000 and open up your project. Add a new networked device to the project, and select the 1734-AENT module

5. Adjust the Module Definition, and increase the chassis size to 2

6. Add the 1734-4IOL Module into the second slot of the chassis

7. Configure the IO-Link Settings within the 4IOL Module. Register the Phoenix IODD File for the circuit breaker.

8. Select the IO-Link Circuit Breaker Device

9. You should now see the Device listed in the IO-Link config screen. Click OK to close the properties window

10. Open up your Controller Tags and navigate to the AENT module that you just added. Open up the Inputs for slot 1 in the chasses and you should see tags for the device

From here you should be able to manipulate the data as you see fit for your application.


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