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Safety Technology for Body, Hand and Finger Protection

Safety light curtains and safety light arrays secure hazardous areas and ensure availability of the respective systems. Furthermore, electro-sensitive protective equipment (ESPEs) with muting function distinguish between people and the flow of materials. Objects such as pallets can thus be transported through the safety field of an ESPE, into and out of the danger zone. The flow of material is only interrupted in the event of unauthorized access or entry.

Your Advantages

Safety Light Curtains and Safety Light Arrays can be used in any industrial environment.

 • Visible red light and signal strength indicator for convenient alignment
 • Setup via the display, or via IO-Link with wenglor’s free wTeach2 software
 • Detailed fault diagnostics and current information concerning safety field status
 • MicroSD card for quickly copying settings to other products
 • Optional LED signal strips for status displays which are visible from a considerable distance

Muting Operating Modes and Installation

With the help of muting, protective equipment can be set up such that material is transported safely into and out of the danger zone.

 • Cross muting
 • Two-sensor linear muting
 • Four-sensor linear muting with sequence monitoring
 • Four-sensor linear muting with time monitoring

Muting Safety Functions

Protection against unauthorized access is retained even during muting phases. The following safety functions offer additional safety.

 • Muting time function
 • Belt stop signal function
 • Muting enable function
 • Direction setting function
 • Partial muting
 • Gap suppression
 • Override function

Blanking Functions

Blanking functions suppress the light beams within a specified portion of the safety field. As opposed to muting, bypassing is permanent in the case of blanking.

 • Fix blanking
 • Fix blanking with edge tolerance
 • Floating blanking

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