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Empire is an innovative manufacturer of custom cable assemblies and distributor of automation, cable, electrical, and safety products. Our roots began with cable distribution and we quickly grew to be one of the leading automation distributors and manufacturers in the Midwest. Family owned and operated since 1999; Empire was acquired by Audax Group in the fall of 2019 and is part of the Genuine Cable Group.

Empire has been recognized and won numerous awards for innovation, customer service and growth. Empire distinguishes itself through strong technical capabilities, commitment to innovation, training, inventory, education and above all customer service. Our partners enjoy a motivated and enthusiastic staff eager to promote their world-class products and expand their market base. Our knowledgeable technical staff is always ready to assist. Whether it be answering questions regarding our vast line of products, offering cost effective options, introducing the latest in automation technologies, or assisting in the design and implementation of your automation project.


Automation & Control

Our full line distribution of industrial automation and networking products can provide your industry with the latest turn-key solutions customized to your needs. Industry today is constantly evolving to meet the needs and demands of the world. As a result, automation and control components are also evolving to keep up with Industry. Our extensive line of products include Industrial PC’s, HMI’s, PLC’s, drives, motors, RFID, sensors, as well as wireless and network technologies. Our power distribution and network products offer our customers an option for a quick to design and quick to implement solution. Empire will help you stay ahead with the latest technology and products.



There are millions of options and combinations when it comes to making a connection in industrial situations. Add in specific environment requirements and it can make choosing the right connector like climbing Mt. Everest. Our extensive inventory and knowledge of connector applications will support your needs whether you are matching an industry standard or developing a specialized connection for your custom requirement. We offer a broad range of military, commercial, heavy industrial and technical connectors. We also have a large inventory of cordsets, specialized Ethernet assemblies, plugs and receptacles. Empire can help you make that mountain seem like a bunny hill.


Wire & Cable

Empire is a supplier of high performance electrical wire and cable.  We provide one of the most extensive and diverse lines of electrical, electronic and assembled wire and cable products in the world.  We continually enhance our product mix to satisfy our customer’s needs. Our broad product offering enables us to deliver innovative cable solutions to an equally broad and diverse market segments. Regardless of your application, if wire and cable is needed, Empire delivers. For over a decade, Empire has offered some of the strongest and most respected brand names in the wire and cable industry.  Our cable manufacturing partners are first class, global leaders in their respective markets.


Robot Dress

With the high expectations in today’s automated applications, you can’t afford to experience downtime. Downtime cost and the eventual replacement of failed cables and hoses could dramatically be reduced by the implementation of a cost effective “dress-out” system. Empire’s design brings dress-out components, custom brackets and industrial cable assemblies together to ensure maximum productivity and less downtime.



Safety Solutions

Empire’s premier safety line offers the most comprehensive variety of safety automation products. We carry the product manufacturers that are industry leaders in this market. Empire's wide variety of solutions offer many options when safety is your goal.


Manufacturing Capability

There is a demand for unique interconnect systems in many industries today. Empire is recognized as a superior manufacturer of wire harnesses and specialty assemblies. Our knowledgeable staff can assess your needs to get the fit, form and function needed out of your assembly. We use products like shrink wrap, expando, tape wrap, spiral wrap, and convolute to make an assembly more manageable and withstand different environments. Empire has the capability to dye and stripe wire in house. This allows us to match a color code provided by the customer. We get the most out of your assembly while maintaining an effective cost.


Custom Overmold

Molded strain relief can be engineered to your exact application, specific flexing or routing needs. The entire process is completed in house. Your custom molded product will have a professional appearance and can utilize your logo, part number, or any other special requirement. There are a variety of molded materials options available, ensuring a suitable fit for your specific application.


Wire Dye and Striping

Get the wire color/stripe combination you are looking for without the long lead time. Empire has the capability to dye & stripe multiple variations of wire in house.


Vendor Managed Inventory Program

Vendor Managed Inventory partnership programs provide substantial benefits to our customers. We will work with your staff up front to help determine the products and stocking levels which will assist in an uninterrupted flow of your manufacturing processes. We understand timing is essential in manufacturing and will prove to be your best choice as a “value-add” distribution partner given the opportunity to manage your VMI commitment.

Contact a Empire Sales Professional to customize a plan to best suit your business needs. As a leading distributor of automation components and accessories, we are confident we can reduce your operating costs and increase efficiency to maximize your profits.

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