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Custom Overmold

Molded strain relief can be engineered to your exact application, specific flexing or routing needs. The entire process is completed in house. Your custom molded product will have a professional appearance and can utilize your logo, part number, or any other special requirement. There are a variety of molded materials options available, ensuring a suitable fit for your specific application.

When is Overmolding Beneficial?

Overmolding is ideal for cable assemblies that will face extreme weather, high-pressure wash-downs, constant sanitation, frequent strain and flexing, and exposure to dust or debris, while maintaining reliability. The most common applications overmolding is preferred include solar energy, military equipment, consumer electronics, medical equipment and industrial/OEM applications.


The less obvious advantage of overmolding your cable assemblies is the level of customization that can be applied. While it is possible to overmold existing assemblies, you can also create a unique product that perfectly meets the requirements of your application. Customizable components include:
 • The overmold color, which can be strategically chosen to color code assemblies, complement brand colors, match the cable jacket for sealed bond.
 • The presence of a logo, part number or company name on the overmolding
 • The presence of flanges, which can be used at attachment points
 • The design, which is available in straight, right-angle or any other exit required to meet the needs of your application
 • LED indicator lights, which decrease repair times by making bad connectors easy to locate
 • Materials typically used, such as thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Santoprene (TPV)
 • Changes to none catalog type assemblies, like special types of cable, wiring changes, colors. You no longer need to find something and make it work, design something that solves the problem.
 • Locks you into customer, they typically do not go back to assembled shells once they start using molded products.

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