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Almost 85% of robotic and automation "downtime" can be directly attributed to cable or hose failure.



One element that has historically been overlooked is the use of specifically designed cable and hose management systems. Cable Saver solves all problems in a easy to install, out of the box solution. This patented new technology helps stop cable failures and robotic downtime.

The areas above axis 3 on most robots are prime real estate for items such as valve packs, actuators, etc. Cable Saver was specifically designed with this in mind. Cable Saver offers the most room on top of axis 3 compared to the other dress packages on the market.

Empire can load your Cable Saver with cables and hoses customized to your requirement.

Robot Dress

With the high expectations in today’s automated applications, you can’t afford to experience downtime. Downtime cost and the eventual replacement of failed cables and hoses could dramatically be reduced by the implementation of a cost effective “dress-out” system. Empire’s design brings dress-out components, custom brackets and industrial cable assemblies together to ensure maximum productivity and less downtime.

REIKU’s patented conduit profile allows for a smaller bending radius without having the actual convolutes interfering with one another or reducing the inside diameter of the conduit.

REIKU works closely with robotic manufacturers to develop customer-oriented system solutions in most application areas. With over three decades of experience all REIKU robotics materials have been specially formulated to offer optimum performance. These materials combined with the unique geometry of REIKU products guarantee long lasting cable management and protection systems.

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