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Tosibox Connection Guide (RSLinx and Studio5000)

Click here to download the PDF guide

If you have not, please read and follow the Tosibox Setup Instructions before following this connection guide.

1. Plug in the Tosibox into your machine and test the connection with the Service Port.

i. Plug in an ethernet cable into LAN ports 1 or 2.

ii. Plug the other end into your machine’s service ethernet port.

*If the machine has no service ethernet port, plugging the ethernet cable into an ethernet switch or even directly into the PLC will also work.

iii. Ensure your computer is still plugged into the Tosibox Service port via ethernet cable as we left off from the setup instructions.

iv. Open up a web browser and navigate to if you are not already there.

v. On that web page, click the “STATUS” button in the top left of the screen.


If the Tosibox has been correctly configured, the PLC and other devices on the network should start appearing on this page.

2. RSLinx Communication test.

i. With your computer still connected to the service port, open up RSLinx.

ii. Ensure that the Ethernet Address of your PLC, and additionally any other devices you wish to see, are present within the ethernet driver within RSLinx.

*IMPORTANT* Use the ethernet driver, not the ethernet/IP driver.

Your copy of RSLinx should see the devices as if you were directly connected to the machine network.

3. Install the Key Software.

i. Insert the Tosibox Key USB into your computer.

ii. There will either be a pop-up window, or you can find the Tosibox Key in File Explorer.

iii.Right Click the “Setup_Tosibox.exe” file and Click Run as an Administrator.

iv. Accept Terms and Conditions and the software will install and then open.

v. You will be prompted to set a password for the Key. Options are:

- Yes, I want to use a password (Recommended).

- No, and don’t ask again.

- Ask me again later.

vi. If installation fails from the USB Key, see the best practices section for how to install from the web.

At this point you should be able to See and Connect to any locks that are associated with your key.

4. Connect to the Tosibox with the Key.

i. Unplug the ethernet cable running from your computer to the service port of the Tosibox.

ii. Click the Connect button in the Tosibox Key software.

iii. Wait for the connection to be established.

5. RSLinx Communication test.

i. Repeat step 2 while you are connected to the Tosibox via the Key instead of the service port.

Your copy of RSLinx should see the devices as if you were directly connected to the machine network. Feel free to open up Studio 5000 and connect to the machine.


Additional Optional Tosibox Instructions

1. To make a Backup Key.

i. Insert a previously matched Key into a USB Port on your PC.

ii. Insert a New Key into another USB Port on your PC.

iii. Wait for the “New Key” Window to open.

iv. Choose Backup Key, then Next, then Save.

 2. Connect the Tosibox as a Client to your network to give remote users access to resources on that network. (Page 13 of the Online User Manual)

3. Connecting Locks Together, using Locks and Sub Locks. (Page 14)

4. Updating the Key Software. As new software is released, you will be prompted to update the software upon inserting the key into your PC.

i. If you would like to update the Key Software, make sure you are Not Connected to a Lock prior to approving the Software Update.

ii. The Tosibox software will download the software and execute the installation, then it will close the Tosibox Software. Double-click the Tosibox icon on your desktop, it will reopen the software and confirm the Key software update.

Tips and Best Practices

Any Tosibox Issues should be researched on the Tosibox Knowledgebase.

• When installing a Lock, connect to the Locks Service Port, open a browser to 17.17.17 and Login as using the password on the bottom of the lock.
- Go to Settings, Software Update and configure the Auto-Update Settings for an appropriate timeframe. Be sure to update the Time zone setting.

• When you first open your Key Box, you will find a card that says, “KEEP ME!”, this card contains the Master Password for that Key. This is critical to have should someone forget the password they manually set for that key. If they mistype the password 5 times, they will be locked out of the Key and require the PUK Code from the Key Card to reset the password.

• Before removing the Key from your USB Port, At the top left corner of the Key Software screen Click on Devices and select “Exit and Eject Key”. This will allow the safe removal of your key.

• If the Tosibox Key software fails to install directly from the USB Key, try installing it from the web, through this Link.

- Download the software and then in your downloads folder, Right Click the Exe file and Select Run as Administrator, then Allow the software to make changes to your PC when prompted.

• Always ensure that the PC and Key are on a different Network than the Lock.

- Sometimes that is as easy as putting the lock on the Wired Network and the Key in a PC hooked to the WiFi Network.

• If you want to run the Tosibox Key in a Virtual Environment review this article.

• If the IT Team is asking about Tosibox Security, have them review this link

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